• I own a large wellness centre with many therapists and have seen every new health product in the last 15 years. Kakadu is without doubt, the best quality whole food health product I've seen. It is exactly what I was wanting to offer our patients. A great Australian product, I take it every day.
    James H - Healthcare Professional, QLD
  • Since I started taking this incredible Superfruit cocktail, I have derived numerous benefits. A few of these include; - more energy and stamina (taken my fitness to a new level) - greater mental clarity and focus - less aches and pains and quicker recovery post exercise. - No more hayfever - Stronger immunity an ability to fight and ward off colds/flus - Better skin tone - people have commented on my clear skin - Better body eliminations and improved digestion and more... I take my hat off to the people behind the scenes at Kakadu.
    Jodi H - Auckland, NZ
  • I recently worked a night shift and took 50 ml of Kakadu which rewarded me with plenty of energy and alertness throughout the shift. I don't normally do night shifts but in the past I would usually drink endless cups of coffee which would always result in less energy. I weight train weekly and use Kakadu as a recovery aid and have been receiving great results. I have taken other health products in the past which have had ok results but this is beyond ok - it's unique!
    Christopher Watt, NSW
  • I was bitten by a White tail Spider last year. My Leg and rear area literally started to rot away. I started to topically put on Kakadu and over 40 days I drank around 6 bottles of Kakadu and bathed the area daily. I had full clearance in around 40 to 60 days and yes I am proud to say that there has been no scaring left on the area.
    Harry Balodis, NSW
  • When I first started taking Kakadu I was a little run down and I had an ulcer in my mouth which had been there for about 6 weeks. The first day I drank some Kakadu the pain disappeared from the ulcer. Within a week it was gone. I can only presume that there are some nutrients in Kakadu that my body sorely needed at the time. I still drink Kakadu every day and have not been troubled since by mouth ulcers.
    Terry Downey, NZ
  • I recently was introduced to Kakadu and having had great results in training I first used this in a pre race situation and can happily report that I had an exceptional day and held on to a title I had won the previous season. Benefits I have noticed are improved sleep quality and energy levels on awakening. Since using Kakadu I have explained the benefits to all my family and I now find that my wife, parents and in-laws are all using Kakadu for many different reasons but no more than for a healthy sustainable lifestyle for years to come.
    Jonathon Hitchens, TAS
  • During my military service, I sustained various injuries, including 2 compression fractures of the vertebrae, 2 knee operations, and have had a constant upper spine pinching sensation. I have taken a lot of medications and have tried different alternative medicines to try and relieve the discomfort and at time pain, but to no avail. I was then introduced to Kakadu which I have been taking for 3 months and all pain and discomfort in all areas are gone. I cannot explain it but I absolutely love the stuff!
    Trevor Dawes, QLD
  • My brother had a patch of psoriasis on his arm which was very livid red, with white patches. He drank one 30mls of Kakadu just before he went to bed, and then we applied the dregs left in the glass to the patch of psoriasis. We followed this routine for 3 weeks during which time the patch almost disappeared, and after 5 weeks there was no sign left at all, the patch has now gone completely. Kakadu is a truly amazing product!
    Courtney Jenkins, VIC
  • Since using Kakadu I have been able to reduce thyroid replacement medication. I believe that is due to the impact of Kakadu on my auto-immune system. My husband and I are in Pastoral Care Ministry and have had a very demanding few months, yet our health is coping. I believe Kakadu is part of the reason.
    Shirley Birch, WA
  • There is a history of strokes and heart problems in my family and so I had a live blood cell analysis done for myself. The rouleaux (clumping) of my blood cells before the Kakadu test was rated at 4 on a scale of 6. One hour after taking 30 ml of Kakadu, my blood sample was taken again and this time the rouleaux was between 1-2 on the scale of 6. I was really pleased with the results and will definitely continue taking Kakadu, looking for other improvements in my overall health.
    Onessa, SA
  • My wife and I had high blood pressure for over 15 years. After three weeks of drinking Kakadu our blood pressure was taken and to my amazement was told that it was the same as it had been 10 years ago. After a further eight weeks at 30ml of Kakadu per day my blood pressure was still normal. I recommend you try Kakadu a truly amazing Super Food.
    Christian Jenkins, VIC
  • For the past 16 years I have had high blood pressure, obesity and most recently diabetes. The last 3 years I was also diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and have been required a CPAP machine to sleep with. After being introduced to Kakadu, my monthly visits to the specialist for my Diabetics and High Blood Pressure was reduced to 3 monthly visits, my diabetes was left to diet control and I had also stopped using the CPAP machine but what was so amazing is that in October 2007 I fell pregnant to my now 1 month old son. My family now drinks Kakadu; even my husband the most skeptical of them all takes his Kakadu with me every morning.
    Yvonne Pisa, NSW
  • I have a family history of high uric acid (gout) with both my father and his father suffering the excrutiating pains of inflamed joints. On turning 50, I also experienced this discomfort with inflamed big toes, my right heel and stiffness in the fingers of both hands. I was prescribed allopurinol and told that I'd be on this medication for the rest of my life. Additionally, I was warned not to drink beer or eat bread, red meat, seafood (mainly crustaceans) and avoid high protein foods which lead to purines and then high uric acid levels. Not liking any of these rules (but very much liking the occasional beer or three, seafood meals and bread that I bake myself) I knew I had to find a solution. I was just getting involved in Kakadu as more than just a supplier of the wild food ingredients and my prescription for allopurinol ran out. So I experimented with the dose for my condition. What I found was that 30ml morning and night kept be symptom-free from gout, so far for 3 years with no changes to my diet.
    Vic Cherikoff NSW